Why We Choose to be Waterless

If you look at any beauty product in your cabinet, one of the first 5 ingredients will likely be a water-based ingredient (listed as Aqua, Water, Aloe Vera, or Organic Fruit Juice). Water is everywhere in personal care - so why do we choose to be waterless?

  1. Using water means that the product is less concentrated: the average amount of water in a water-based product is around 70%! Our products are packed with pure, plant ingredients that work to combat odor. Every ingredient plays an important role in providing effective odor protection.  
  2. When a product contains water, it must include aggressive preservatives to prevent bacteria. Yeast, mold, and fungus all need water in order to grow. We are able to avoid synthetic preservatives and filler ingredients simply through the absence of water in our product. We have chosen to add a plant derived complex that is effective against any yeast, mold fungus and bacteria that may occur in a wet environment.
  3. Water-based formulas can be sticky and have a long dry-down period. Our super-concentrated water-free gel formula dries down almost immediately to an invisible, silky powder on the skin. Other anhydrous deodorant formulas are brittle in their stick forms or require you to use your hands to apply it from a jar.
  4. It’s more environmentally-conscious and sustainable! By removing water from a product, you’re decreasing the stress of a community’s water table and taking less water from a precious water channel.