Transitioning to Clean Deodorant

Congratulations on taking this important step towards greater self-care and well-being.

I made the switch to natural deodorant when I was diagnosed with Stage III Breast Cancer and it was suggested I stop using conventional antiperspirant and deodorant. I wanted to support my compromised lymph system and give my body every opportunity to heal and thrive.

If you’re like me, your body may need some time to adjust as you move from conventional antiperspirants/deodorants to a natural deodorant. Your underarm sweat glands may be clogged from years of aluminum artificially reducing your body’s ability to sweat. Don’t worry, transition time is completely natural and necessary and can take anywhere from no time at all to four weeks. 

Don’t give up if you experience more sweat and odor during the first few days or weeks; you are taking a huge step towards better self-care. Soon your body will be working how nature intended - it will be sweating naturally and our Next-Level Deodorant will be neutralizing odor-causing bacteria at the source.

Below are my tips to support your body during transition time. Try any or all to help speed up the process.

1) Hydrate with plenty of water to assist detoxification and flush impurities.

2) Work up a sweat with your favorite workout; go for a hike, take a hot yoga class, or relax in a hot bath or sauna.

3) Exfoliate your underarms. In the shower, wet skin and massage a gentle exfoliant, like a sugar scrub, to decongest build-up and slough away dead skin cells. This will help stimulate lymph movement and allow your skin to breathe.